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Brisbane Tamil meeting

by Dave Riley
BRISBANE: Thirty five people packed into the Brisbane Activist Centre here on February 13th to hear Dr Bian Seneviratne speak on the present situation in the Tamil regions of Sri Lanka. Seneviratne who was born into the majority Sinhala population of the island is a world renowned activist for Tamil rights. He told the overwhelmingly Tamil audience that the situation is dire in Sri Lanka and that it was urgent to build on the recent wave of international protests organised by Tamil exile communities around the world.

The local Brisbane community had previously marched in protest through Brisbane streets on February 4th, Sri Lankan Independence Day. The meeting was a follow up discussion organised by the Socialist Alliance of which Seneviratne is a member.

After watching video of the massive protests in London and Toronto, discussion focused on what to do next. The gathering decided to establish an ongoing campaign group and initiate a sign on statement as well as to carry the issue onto university campuses.

Anyone interested in supportying the campaign should contact Andrew on 3831 2644 or check out the Tamil solidarity web resource at

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